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Re: deja vu: draft-grandhi-pc-smtp-00.txt

2005-05-04 11:02:42

On Wed May 4 2005 12:30, Arun Sankar wrote:

But it is the same case with a broken MTA who may have 
the Cc not implemented properly.

MTAs don't "implement" Cc.  MTAs (SMTP, see RFCs 821, 2821) have only
RCPT TO.  The distinction between "To" and "Cc" is in (human) user space,
and is not well-defined even there.  Moreover, while delivery
conventionally is consistent with user-level text in the message header,
there is no requirement that that be the case, just as with physical mail
(nothing prevents one from putting a check to a utility company in an
envelope addressed to a family member, or a personal letter intended for
a family member in an envelope addressed to a utility company).  Don't
mess with user-to-user (message header) communications; see
draft-lilly-field-specification-03.txt, section 4.3.1 -- for HTML fans,