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Re: deja vu: draft-grandhi-pc-smtp-00.txt

2005-05-04 11:43:03

On Wed May 4 2005 06:30, willemien(_at_)amidatrust(_dot_)com wrote:

I agree with Markus
This draft  is only good to test your knowledge of the various mail protocols 
by finding all the errors in this one.

On a first quick reading I discovered 3 errors

1 wrong naming of RFC's
2 non existing entities (SMTP headers???)
3 (RFC2822?) headers changing by non recognising MDA's?? (that means nothing 
less than a non backward compatability)

Who can find more errors ...

4. the formatting is screwed up (no formfeeds between pages)
5. the boilerplate is out of date
6. published this month, but with last year in the copyright lines
7. ABNF rule "display-name" undefined
8. based on a flawed assumption that transport uses message content
   rather than SMTP command arguments
idnits 1.71 (02 May 2005)


  Checking nits according to :

  * The document seems to lack an IANA Considerations section.
  * The document seems to lack separate sections for Informative/Normative 
    Checking conformance with RFC 3978/3979 boilerplate...
  * The document seems to lack an RFC 3978 Section 5.1 IPR Disclosure 
Acknowledgement  -- however, there's a paragraph with a matching
    beginning. Boilerplate error?
    (The document uses RFC 3667 boilerplate or RFC 3978-like boilerplate 
instead of verbatim RFC 3978 boilerplate.  After 6 May 2005,
    submission of drafts without verbatim RFC 3978 boilerplate is not accepted.)

  Checking nits according to :

  - It seems as if not all pages are separated by form feeds - found 0 form 
feeds but 6 pages

  Miscellaneous warnings:


    Run idnits with the --verbose option for more detailed information.