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Re: A request and a warning

2005-06-27 21:07:50

(i) The style and tone with regard to operational or security
(including spam-fighting) issues as outlined above.  It is my
personal belief that there is ample room for a "best practices
in mail system configuration to resist spam" document, but its
content does not belong as part of the transport spec.  So my
proposal is to leave the present structure of 2821 unchanged.  I
would note that, if we start considering major changes in
restrictions and directions about them, the odds of going down
ratholes are very high and the odds of needing to recycle at
Proposed are probably even higher.

I agree that this is the right way to go, and concur with your assertion about rathole potential. I'd also assert that operational practices may need to change more frequently than protocol specifications, so having them in separate documents that can be revised independently of one another makes sense from this perspective also.


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