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Re: A request and a warning

2005-06-27 20:58:37

John C Klensin wrote:

I expect to have draft-klensin-rfc2821bis-00 posted
late this week or, at worst, early next week.

This will be very interesting.  At about 4100 enough
time before 4821.

2821bis is rather thoroughly intertwined with 2822bis.

There's no such thing as an 2822bis, and except from some
oddities with NO-WS-CTL and <msg-id> 2822 is fine.

That hurts 2821 in the case of <General-Address-Literal>,
and I hope you'll replace this construct by <IPvFuture>
found in STD 66.  While you're at it grab also the other
address literals from STD 66, they are simply better.

neither one can go to Draft without the other

2822 is near to Draft, 2821bis better starts as Proposed.

Thoughts welcome, either before or after the I-D goes up.

Let's add the trailing dot for `host ai`.

Let's get rid of the "IPv6:" tag.

Let's make the two orthogonal MAIL FROM concepts clear.

Let's get rid of the "source route" explanation, it's a
mess of MUST accept / SHOULD ignore / MAY respect.  Only
MUST accept and ignore, nothing else.

                        Bye, Frank

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