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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-06-30 04:10:16

Matti Aarnio writes:
I would have used strict-rfc822 mode in my work production systems, if it would not reject something like 95% of users who send thru their ISP master relays...

MS Outlooks do put those extra white-spaces in there blatantly..

I think you'll find the world a little easier to deal with if you run outgoing relay and incoming MX on separate hosts. Your outgoing relays will then have to deal with Outlook and your incoming MXes will have to deal with spammers, random probes and other people's outgoing relays. A nice division of responsibility.

Ten or fifteen years ago some smart admin at EUnet told me it's better to run one service per host. I didn't understand why then. Now his advice seems very, very good.


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