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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-06-29 05:07:17

we need email to work a lot more often than 50% of the time.
really, one failure in ten thousand legitimate messages is
too high...we should be able to achieve one failure in a
hundred thousand messages or better.

Is that the principle why the IESG approved a mail experiment
where each and every mail with MAIL FROM != 2822-From without
2822-Sender fails, if the MAIL FROM has a v=spf1 FAIL-policy ?

No, that would be the principle that an experiment only affects
those who choose to participate in the experiment, and if the
experiment is a failure, no great harm is done to the deployed
infrastructure at large.

which of course is not true in this case.

Frank, if you were willing to write up an I-D of the form "SPF experiment considered harmful", explaining just why this is a Bad Idea, that might be a valuable community service.


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