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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-06-28 21:43:13

The real world DOES NOT have delay RCPT TO value of 35
seconds or more.   That is a fact.

Yeah, whatever.  If you choose to believe in a world that contradicts
your own observations, don't expect anyone else to go along with it.

Just consider what you are believe.  If this was the case, then you would be
implying that the majority of all world wide transacitons take 35 or more
seconds just to complete the first RCPT TO command providing you a minimum
of 35+ total transaction time (not including the payload transfer time and
any possible MFA delays).

nope. what I'm implying is that the inability to verify a return address via SMTP within 35 seconds is a poor criterion for failing to deliver a message. yes, the _majority_ (> 50%) of verifications will complete in this time, but we need email to work a lot more often than 50% of the time. really, one failure in ten thousand legitimate messages is too high...we should be able to achieve one failure in a hundred thousand messages or better.

The context of the statement is based on the OP assertion that low timeouts
(35 seconds in this case) "will not work in the real world of internet
email" which implies the majority of all systems.

it doesn't imply any such thing - that's just your interpretation. for most of us on this list, a system that only works a "majority" of the time isn't nearly reliable enough.


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