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Re: Classifying gateways in 2821/ 2821bis

2005-09-07 23:10:54

At 17:56 -0400 on 09/07/2005, John C Klensin wrote about Classifying
gateways in 2821/ 2821bis:

(v) An MTA-level mailing list exploder.  These creatures
may make one message into many at the transmission
level, but they do not alter any message header
information other than to insert trace fields.  It
remains controversial as to whether they may even change
the MAIL FROM field in the envelope, but the general
consensus, reflected in 2821, has been "yes", as long as
the From/ Sender fields in the headers are not changed
at all (much less adding Resent- fields or making other
header changes).

Anything else, anything else at all, requires that the message
be delivered, handed off to something that acts as an MUA

How would you classify an MTA-level mailing list exploder which additionally modifies the displayed body of the message (e.g. to append recipient-visible subscription instructions and archive links)? Would it still be a (v)?

Chris Haynes