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Re: Classifying gateways in 2821/ 2821bis

2005-09-08 01:58:39

At 17:56 -0400 on 09/07/2005, John C Klensin wrote about Classifying gateways in 2821/ 2821bis:

(iii) A gateway, defined as a transition/ translation
        point between an SMTP environment and a non-SMTP
        environment, as noted above.  The expectation is that
        gateways will only make those changes to message bodies
        (including headers) that are actually necessary to
        preserve the maximum amount of information as the
        message passes from one environment to another.
        Gratuitous "improvements" are inappropriate for
        gateways, too.

I guess the AoL Email Gateway falls this "preserve the maximum amount of information" requirement since it does not covert a DNT Header into a RRR Flagged Message for incoming messages from the Internet, Create a DNT Header in RRR Flagged Messages it injects into the Internet SMTP Server, and when presented with a incoming message from the Internet that has more than one attachment, it does not covert all the attachments into one Archived File unlike what occurs with multi-attachment messages created on the AoL side of the Gateway,