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Re: Keep Alive Response Codes [Re: slow email validation problems (was reject vs bounce)]

2005-09-14 05:11:37

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From: "Harald Tveit Alvestrand" <harald(_at_)alvestrand(_dot_)no>

This makes it possible for SMTP clients reading continuation response
codes do not have to match the final response code and based on my R&D,
this is indeed the case. Note, I tested only the OUTLOOK MTA.


could you at least specify the MTA you tested?

Outlook is a MUA, not a MTA.
Unless you are talking about something different than the Microsoft



All MUAs, including Outlook, have a MTA (SMTP client) component.  How else
will it send mail to a SMTP server or host?

I tested Outlook because arguably or not, it currently remains to be the
most popular MUA for the end-user market.

Maybe the authors of various server based MTA, such as SendMail, Exim, can
elaborate on whethere their outbound sender client ignores all continuation
reply lines and simply waits for the final response code.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.