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Re: BCP for handling DNS SERVFAIL results

2005-11-26 18:15:59

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From: "SM" <sm(_at_)resistor(_dot_)net>

The problem is that I found while some other DNS servers
return NOERROR, my DNS server returned SERVFAIL to the MX query.

SERVFAIL is returned if the DNS server cannot process the query.

Right. What I'm founding out is that it seems some versions of DNS servers
do have some packet handling issues, most likely due to record
configuration, is reflecting possibly an erroneous error SERVFAIL.

Currently looking to update the NT 4.0 server, based on this article:;en-us;295933

We are planning to upgrade the machine this year, but I though we had all
and last of Service Pack 6.    We have an 2 year older DNS.EXE. It sounds
like it might be the reason we see it on this server.

BIND had some similar SERVFAIL issues that were corrected in 9.3.1.

See note about how empty authoritive responses were cached and this was
picked up by the MS DNS server resulting in SERVFAIL.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.