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Re: Anything else on the content?

2006-10-30 22:08:49

John Leslie wrote:
it is a lot less drastic than effectively prohibiting NDNs.
I don't mean to support Frank's proposal to eliminate NDNs.

JFTR, I've never proposed to eliminate NDNs, quite the contrary,
I think they're essential.  But of course they MUST go to the
originator or a similar responsible actor, in Dave's draft that
could be somebody determined by the mediator, like a list admin.

Any 100% emulation of reverse paths will do, no "shortcuts" to
random third parties determined by spammers.  Of course that
affects everything, not only Dave's draft, e.g. "option 6.1" in
RFC 4409 is a bit more than an option, IMO it's a BCP / SHOULD.