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Re: Anything else on the content?

2006-10-31 00:02:32

John C Klensin wrote:
Your approach better retains email integrity.  To ensure DSNs
are notuseful as an advertisement vehicle, both recipient and
sender mustsummarize DSN messages.  A bad actor can directly
generate spoofedDSNs.  Should a draft describe a summarization
process at either thesending or receiving stage?

If the approach is worthwhile, then, yes, it would be worthwhile
to write such a document.  I am not completely sure it is
worthwhile, but I'm looking for ways that, to repeat your term,
preserve email integrity as much as possible, rather than going
to the approach I understand Frank to be advocating.

As interesting as this sub-thread might be, I'm not understanding how it relates to a description of Internet Mail architecture.

If someone is suggesting changes, what are they?



  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking