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Re: draft-hall-prdr-00

2007-03-11 12:50:56

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 02:48:20PM -0400, Eric A. Hall wrote:
I submitted the PRDR draft to the I-D editor a week ago, but it appears to
have been put into a will-process queue that is on hold until the 19th.
Since there are people that are in process of implementing this, and since
I do not want to manage multiple out-of-band discussions, interested
parties can pull down the submitted I-D from:

Sections 4.6 and 4.7 probably need the most scrutiny.

How does this relate to BDAT verb, a.k.a. "CHUNKING" extension ?
Use "BDAT nnn LAST" in place of data-dot, and collect PRDR replies after
all message content has been sent over ?

If there are still multiple implementors looking at this seriously, then
I'm guessing the next rev needs to be an -ietf- draft for standards-track
publication to proceed. I'm guessing this will need to be handled through
the applications area as an exception document, is that correct?

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols

/Matti Aarnio   <mea(_at_)nic(_dot_)funet(_dot_)fi>

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