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Re: Conflicting Enhanced Status Codes between RFC 4468 and draft-siemborski-rfc2554bis

2007-03-13 09:17:50

Tony Hansen wrote:
I had a few minutes. See attached. Comments?

   o  IANA is directed to create the registry Mail Enhanced Status
      Codes.  In the terms of [5], values of Enhanced Status Codes
      must be registered with IANA under the IETF Consensus method.

Published RFC is IMO simpler, they can link to a RFC in the registry.

3.  Security Considerations
   There are no security considerations.

Maybe add "Conflicting status codes were found to be suboptimal" or
   [1]  Vaudreuil, G., "Enhanced Mail System Status Codes", RFC 1893,
        January 1996.

Obsoleted by [2] (= RFC 3463), maybe move [1] to "informative" (?)
Do you need an "updates 1893" after 3463 already obsoleted 1893 ?

Now 2554bis needs a normative reference to your draft, and John 
proposed to obsolete the conflicting code by two new codes in your