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Re: RFC2821bis-01 Issue 5: Syntax of ID clause in Received trace header

2007-03-23 09:02:10

Paul Overell wrote:
RFC2822 has
| item-value      =       1*angle-addr / addr-spec /
|                         atom / domain / msg-id
So in RFC2822 an item-value can be an atom, which
covers the cases given elsewhere by Bill McQuillan
in this thread

 [2821 <String>] 
No need to remove it, as it is already consistent
with RFC2822.

Maybe not exactly, 2821bis-01 says:
|   String         = Atom / Quoted-string

With <Quoted-String> you get <qcontent>, that again
can contain <qtext> (e.g. raw unescaped NO-WS-CTLs)
or <quoted-pair>s '\\' and '\"' plus other redundant
<quoted-pair>s (i.e. unnecessary backslashes).

"String" should be retained for consistency with
RFC2822 and compatibility with current usage.

Maybe replacing <String> by <Atom> is acceptable (?)