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Re: TINW was RFC2821b is-01 Issue 1: trailing dot in Domain

2007-03-27 06:41:48

My two cents:

It's better to disallow localpart(_at_)tld as email address in 2821bis. That is, I prefer to remain compatible with 2821 rather than with 821.

I have two arguments:

1. The change in 2821 hasn't caused a signficant level of problems, AFAICT, so why change again?

2. I see quite a few addresses of the form 'localpart(_at_)hostname'. Say between 1% and 1ppm of messages. If 'localpart(_at_)tld' is guaranteed not to be valid, a smarthost's life is simpler: 'localpart(_at_)something' is either a local address (not subject to IETF rules) or invalid. A smarthost has to decide whether it's valid by local rules or not, that's all. There is no possibility that the address might have two valid meanings.