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RFC2821bis-02 Issue 27: Received clauses

2007-04-23 11:47:32

And here I was thinking that I was going to get to duck all of this.

Some confusion in terminology (and some broken syntax in 2822) led to a short discussion resulting in the following:

- 2821bis and 2822upd will both define "Header Section" as the complete set of header fields at the beginning of a message.

- 2821bis and 2822upd will both define "Header Field" as a line in a message with a field name followed by a colon followed by a field body.

- 2821bis and 2822upd will both avoid using the terms "header" and "headers" in isolation to avoid ambiguity.

- 2821bis will use the term "received clause" to refer to a keyword and the set of stuff that follows it before the next keyword (so, "for presnick(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)com" is a received clause).

- 2822upd will simplify the syntax of received clauses (what is now "name-val-list") such that it's simply "*(word / domain / addr-spec / angle-addr)" and let 2821bis do the real definition.

Pete Resnick <>
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