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Re: Question related to draft-hansen-4468upd-mailesc-registry-02.txt and RFC3463

2007-08-07 14:26:29
On 2007-08-06 10:08:51 -0700, ned+ietf-smtp(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:
But examination and use of enhanced status codes is hardly limited to MTAs -
indeed, while MTAs have reason to find and copy these codes around they
generally don't need to look at their values. The same canont be said for
various other agents such as MUAs wanting to localize DSNs or list managers
wanting to automatically process DSNs. I cannot cite an example of a deployed
MUA that does DSN translation but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

I think Lotus Notes/Domino does this. At least it replaces the first
part of a multipart/report message with a text of its own, and this text
seems to be vaguely related to the enhanced status code.

I wonder if Outlook/Exchange does something similar. The fact that
Exchange (by default?) sends DSNs with only an enhanced status code and no
human readable explanation at all is a strong hint that the programmers
expected the recipient's agent to fill in the human readable explanation.


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