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Re: I-D Action:draft-hansen-4468upd-mailesc-registry-03.txt

2008-01-21 15:18:25

Keeping this on ietf-smtp as requested... this draft is a dependency for an EAI deliverable, so I'm interested in pushing it out ASAP.

Some comments that might want to be addressed before Last Call:

- In section 2.1, the entry description is free-form. I'd prefer a strict format that fits the later registration templates.

- In section 2.1, the text claims that the class and subject sub-codes will include the same info as the enumerated status code table. That seems a bit strange.

- In section 2.1, I personally dislike "Owner", preferring "Change controller". But that is a matter of personal taste.

- In section 2.1, "Text expected to be associated with the code" seems too strong. We want to reinforce the idea that the text can change at the implementor's whim; what about "Example of a message that might be sent along with the code"?

- In section 2.2, "Specification required" should be allowed to stand on its own, without the verbiage about "evidence of significant deployment"; "specification required" in the 2434 sense includes "this is specified in Moon Software's MailBean applet manual, version 2.43, page 247", as long as such a reference qualifies as "readily available".

- In section 2.4, the notation "2.XXX.XXX" seems confusing, since all the real examples have one digit in the second position. "2.X.XXX" would be better.

- In section 2.4, I would prefer to replace the "???" for "associated basic status code" with "Not given". Before submitting for publication, the note "NOTE: this table is incomplete" should go, no matter how incomplete the table is.
(I also prefer a 2-column table; I get less confused that way. YMMV.)

- In section 2.4, I don't quite see the justification for X.7.10 and X.7.13 - if they have been in use in the industry, a sentence saying so would be a Good Thing; if they're just thought up as "this seems like a good idea", that should be stated too.

Hope these comments help improve the document!