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Closing out all other issues in draft-klensin-2821bis

2008-02-15 23:13:36

<pseudo-chair hat on>

This message finishes the list of other issues with draft-klensin-2821bis or bugs that were found during the last call, and their disposition if consensus was gained.

John will be posting a diff shortly with these changes and any other editorial tweaks he made as a result of the last call comments. Everyone, please double check his edits.

The document will then go back to the IESG for final determination of if it is ready for publication.

</pseudo-chair hat off>

        Tony Hansen

7) ABNF discussions. The following items were deemed bugs or gained consensus:

a) Change the definition of Quoted-string in 2821bis as follows:

    Quoted-string  = DQUOTE *qcontentSMTP DQUOTE

    QcontentSMTP   = qtextSMTP / quoted-pairSMTP

    quoted-pairSMTP      = %d92 %d32-126
                     ; i.e., backslash followed by any
                     ; ASCII graphic (including itself) or
                     ; SPace

    qtextSMTP            = %d32-33 / %d35-91 / %d93-126
                     ; i.e., within a quoted string, any
                     ; ASCII graphic or space is permitted
                     ; without blackslash-quoting except the
                     ; backslash itself.

b) Add the following sentences to the last paragraph of Section 2 (the paragraph that starts "The metalinguistic notation used..."):

    The reader is cautioned that the grammar expressed in
    the metalanguage is not comprehensive.  There are many
    instances in which provisions in the text constrain or
    otherwise modify the syntax or semantics implied by the

c) The token address-literal is spelled Address-literal in two places.

d) The token Domain is spelled domain in two places

e) A-d-l and Domain simplified:

   <   A-d-l          = At-domain *( "," A-d-l )
   >   A-d-l          = At-domain *( "," At-domain )

   <   Domain         = ( sub-domain 1*("." sub-domain) ) / sub-domain
   >   Domain         = sub-domain *("." sub-domain)

f) section blank lines inside grammar. Remove extra blank lines after first line of each grammar productions for ehlo-ok-resp, etc. that were introduced in the XML conversion.

None of the other ABNF issues raised gained any consensus.

8) IPv4-only and IPv6-only walled gardens discussion.

Insufficient consensus to change anything here.

9) Removing trace headers text.

No change on this issue.

10) Strengthen text on keeping trace headers intact:

    An Internet mail program MUST NOT change a Received: line ...
    An Internet mail program MUST NOT change or delete a Received:
    line ...

11) list processing (section 3.9.*)

An extensive rewrite to section 3.9.* was suggested but garnered insufficient support. However, there was sufficient support for text similar to the following.

Add to the end of section 3.9.2:

   When a list constrains its processing to the very limited set of
   modifications and actions described here, it is attempting to emulate
   an MTA; such lists can be treated as a continuation in email transit.

Add a new paragraph to the end of section 3.9.2:

   There exist mailing lists that perform additional, sometimes
   extensive, modifications to a message and its envelope. Such mailing
   lists need to be viewed as full MUAs, which accept a delivery and
   post a new message.

12) change references from 2822 to 2822upd

Update reference [9] to point to 2822upd. This will then be fixed by the RFC editor to be the right thing upon publication.

13) add a glossary

No support expressed for this.

14) section 1.4 listing of obsoleted/updated documents lists 821 twice and omits 1869

15) section missing information on buffer manipulation. (All other commands describe buffer manipulations.)

add somewhere to section
   This command appends its forward-path argument to the forward-path
   buffer; it does not change the reverse-path buffer nor the mail data

16) section 4.1.4: There is a mismatch between 3rd & 4th paragraphs with respect to EHLO clearing the buffers or not:

17) sections and 4.1.4: There is a mismatch in these two sections regarding 1) the use of QUIT at any time, and 2) the fact that QUIT can also abort a transaction.

18) section 4.3.2 lists of command responses

        MAIL FROM is missing 455, 555
        RCPT TO is missing 455, 555
        RCPT TO has an extra 550 listed

19) section discusses both client side and server side timeouts and should be split.

20) appendix D.3 Step 2: space was lost in XML formatting

      C: Received: from by ; Thu, 21 May 1998
      C: 05:33:29 -0700

      C: Received: from by ; Thu, 21 May 1998
      C:    05:33:29 -0700