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Re: Closing out all other issues in draft-klensin-2821bis

2008-02-16 04:54:54


Tony Hansen wrote:
This message finishes the list of other issues with draft-klensin-2821bis or bugs that were found during the last call, and their disposition if consensus was gained.

I've posted a few messages about section 3.9. I understand I should have posted that 4 or 5 years ago, but I only joined this list last Jan 16th. Thus, if at all possible, I'd ask if some cleanup can be considered before the text is standardized.

Section 3.9.2 "List" is different in rfc2821bis-0N (0N>= 03) w.r.t the current rfc2821. The added final note, distinguishing alias expansion and forwarding, would be correct if that subsection were named "Forwarding". Because the surrounding text specifically describes mailing lists, it may instead convey the wrong impression that the envelope sender address should be changed in that case _only_. (Of course, the envelope sender MAY be changed when privacy or policy concerns require it, according to section 4.4.)

I apologize for my scarce knowledge of standardization processes; that notwithstanding, I hope the IETF will release a coherent standard.