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Re: How to mark domains that do / do not wish to receive email

2008-03-26 19:44:58

Mark Andrews wrote:

        It was more "the only way to prevent the A lookups is to
        remove the fallback".

        If we ever head down this path there would need to be years
        of advance notice.


We use a "1 shot" implicit MX fallback. If we were to remove this, it would have to be done as an option.

I have no stats on hand how much of the fallback is used among customers, but I can say that just a few months ago while assisting my brother, the fallback was used during the time the domain did not propagate through the net yet. I expected it in order to get the initial setup going for his new domain setup.

In any case, for us, I don't see any issue of making it an option (default ON in the first few new revisions, then eventually default off) to help in deprecating this practice.

+1 on text to deprecate the Implicit MX.


Hector Santos, CTO