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Re: Minor is. It's not a pardigm change

2008-03-31 09:18:25

Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

I get leery any time the specs assume that the guy running the
mail server and the guy running the DNS server are on speaking

No matter what 2821bis will say, when IPv6 enters the picture
they need to talk.

They already need to talk in the worst way but they don't. (Too much desire for
fiefdoms, I suppose.) And I don't see IPv6 forcing the issue. It can easily see
being the recipient of a one-way "in addition to having IPv4 address foo for
domain bar, you now have IPv6 address foo6, enjoy" message.

The mail guy in an IPvX network will want
mail from non-IPvX networks.

And they'll arrange it by setting up a relay of some kind. Perhaps
the case we should be looking at is this:

MX           IN MX 10    IPV6
MX           IN MX 20    IPV4

IPV6         IN AAAA ...
IPV4         IN A    ...