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Re: Scope Creep

2008-04-02 07:03:57

On Wed, 2 Apr 2008, Keith Moore wrote:

I checked my logs of the last 7 days. My mail servers have sent emails to
29.401 different domains worldwide, 29.015 via MX records and only
286 via A records, which is less than 1 %. For a statistik about how many
emails are sent via MX records compared to A records the result would
even be lower.

The missing MX records for the 286 domains are the result of lazy or
clueless mail administrators.

While I think that deprecating A fallback would be a good idea, I don't
buy that admins currently using it are lazy or clueless.  What they're
doing is explicitly permitted by the current standards.


If you are using an exception of the algorithm instead of the normal case,
when it is easy for you to use the normal case, then this means you have
no clue or you are lazy.

From the 286 domains mentioned above 128 are second level domains. 1 has
no www server, 3 have different ip addresses for the www server and for
the rest of the 124 domains the ip address for the domain is the same as
the ip address of the www server. Since the configuration is made by the
ISP which manages the DNS server responsible for the domain and therefore
need only minimal effort to insert the correct MX record, this is at least
a sign of lazyness in my eyes.

Michael Storz

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