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Re: Scope Creep

2008-04-02 18:13:20

At 13:50 +0200 on 04/02/2008, Michael Storz wrote about Re: Scope Creep:

That means in the case of no MX record, I suggest the following algorithm:

- if a domain has only A records, synthesize a MX record
- if a domain has A and AAAA records, synthesize a MX record only
  for the A records, the AAAA records should be dropped.
- if a domain has only AAAA records, do not synthesize a MX record

For a MTA with ipv4 stack, this would mean no change. For a MTA with dual
stack, only the ipv4 part would use synthesized MX records. A MTA with
ipv6 stack only would never synthesize a MX record.

+1 (this algorithm is what I have been suggesting so of course I agree).

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