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Re: draft-daboo-srv-email

2010-01-06 14:08:42

Tony Finch writes:
If you mean its "auto account setup" feature, not its horrid autodiscover protocol, then yes but with caveats: if there are multiple possible configurations (e.g. pop/imap, tls/clear, smtp/submission) then I don't trust Outlook's preferences to be the right ones to document. The choice of hostnames and ports to probe is more likely to be reasonable.

I read this as a longwinded way of saying "what outlook does is the most common practice, not the best".

Personally, I'd like a document saying "these are the SRV labels to use for email, should you wish to use any" with an informative by-the-way section saying basically "and if your SRV targets are so-and-so, outlook will be happy". That's not ideal, but it's my preferred compromise.

The POP/IMAP question is IMO separate.

The Thunderbird authors are nice guys (nicer than I am at any rate) and if you suggest to them that if the best _imap._tcp SRV has better priority than the best _pop3._tcp, tb should default to IMAP, they'll probably do it. The Apple mail authors ditto. The Outlook authors may be nice guys too, but I think your chance of persuading them to change their POP vs. IMAP selection mechanism is basically zero, no matter whether the mechanism is NAPTR, ACAP, son-of-ACAP or the SRV hack above.


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