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Re: Draft to Full, versus cycling at Draft

2010-08-11 15:16:17

Hi Dave,
At 09:41 11-08-10, Dave CROCKER wrote:
My note, here, isn't about that. It's a 'process' question, meant mostly for academic consideration:

Is this the sort of change that is appropriate for going from Draft to Full?

The short answer is no.

I would have thought that it was too technical and substantive and that, at the least, the doc would have to cycle at, perhaps, Draft.

It would have to be recycled to Proposed. If there isn't any new requirements, one could argue that this is a narrow change to address a specific problem identified during deployment.

To keep it simple, let's say that you could get away with it if there isn't any substantive objection. That's a bar higher than consensus.