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Re: productivity?

2011-08-23 19:24:51

Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:

     The ConnectionCacheTimeout ( K) option specifies the maximum time
     that any cached connection will be permitted to idle. When the idle
     time exceeds this value the connection is closed. *This number should be
     small (under ten minutes) to prevent you from grabbing too many resources
     from other hosts. The default is five minutes.*

But that's the RFC5321 default anyway. So if you're holding that up as the Right Way, it would seem you agree no change is actually required.

Since your focus this behavior is OK and my focus is its not OK, to the extent I believe it is borderline unethical engineering (just how I was trained to think), we won't be disagreeing on much on anything.

When an client application acknowledges it can hurt remote systems, and you didn't see that was what I was talking about when thats all I being talking about since the thread started, its really rings how different our thinking is when it comes security and "do no harm" concepts. Its not the first time. It just won't cross my mind to do anything at this level that didn't include some negotiation of some form. Its bound to hurt something and even if you think it hasn't yet, the evidence exist it already has marginally, but it doesn't exclude the fact the potential is realistically there to do some damage. I could done a quite a few things that were considered once considered engineering taboos in the past with my networking client/server hosting products since the 80s, but I just didn't do it for ethical reasons - but eventually people did, made tons of bucks, cracked up the door and the world has problems putting it back into the bottle.

Do you know if this default behavior or you have to enable it?


Hector Santos

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