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Re: productivity?

2011-08-23 07:50:31

Peter J. Holzer wrote:
For those interested, if basic laws of operations research, physics, science and Thermodynamics isn't good enough, then Believe Sendmail!

    The ConnectionCacheTimeout ( K) option specifies the maximum time
    that any cached connection will be permitted to idle. When the idle
time exceeds this value the connection is closed. *This number should be small (under ten minutes) to prevent you from grabbing too many resources
    from other hosts. The default is five minutes.*

I'm not sure what you are arguing here. That five minutes is a
reasonable idle time for connection caching? That there are MTAs with
ridiculously long defaults?

I guess I am disappointed that the focus was lost here. The initial problem of causing delays and resource issues on the receiver to one where its "OK" as long as we fine tune it.

Producing a Tuning doc is fine, but it should not the key focus of using this to continue abusing receivers in unauthorized and undesirable ways. It doesn't matter what a client thinks what it good or bad - its what the receiver thinks. It has absolutely nothing to do with "mainstream" systems or not - that mentality continues to hurts groups like this. Gets us no way and never solves problems across the board for the entire community.

I can only see an SMTP extension that exposes a permission token, CSHARE=#, perhaps that allows a receiver to allocate the channels it wants to allow for these special connections without degradation the system loading limits and also not hurting other clients from getting in.


Hector Santos

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