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Re: Recipient is offline

2011-09-02 15:05:25

John C Klensin wrote:
I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but UUCP is
still available as an option, at least for FreeBSD, and
probably works just fine.  Expect funny looks when you tell
people you're using it, though...

So, to save Hector or others from writing a note, is Fidonet in
parts of the world where it is still useful.

Cheap shot. I was all prepared to not further add to the obvious. But if that is a question you have above:

Yes, in small numbers, and surprising that it is to us, we still have people buying:

Its no longer developed, we do as little support as needed and encourage user-support to help themselves. The difference John, is the addition of the internet layer. So dialup is a backup, not the main frontend. So instead of seeing a telephone # in the Fidonet Nodelist, you have an IP address.

Its a reflection of the economy and people reestablishing their own little BBS, business and services A.K.A Mom and Pop, Small Businesses.

Yet, I got the IBM's with Dialup Store and Forward setups in California, Texas and I need to make a tech call very shortly.

Why Dialup?

#1, its one way to win a fast entry contract with the feds as the exception to HIPAA secured internet transfer requirements.

#2, you can't force people (even BIG companies) to change and invest money on things they don't need and can get the job done more cheaply in old traditional ways.

#3, you can save money, like high bandwidth internet cost, but switching to dialup on certain applications. i.e. $30K to $3K per month as one example.


Hector Santos

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