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RE: MUA support for multiple from addresses

2012-02-28 04:10:33

Mails are allowed to have multiple addresses in the from header as
long as they also have a sender header.  However, in basic testing, I
have yet to find a MUA that even displays multiple entries for from.
Has anyone seen such a user agent?

KMail (Linux MUA that probably not many people use - I don't) displays both of 
them. Reply goes to both as well.

Gmail only displays the first one, but sets both addresses as Reply-To - even 
if no such header was set.

Functionally, should multiple from
addresses be considered a deprecated feature?

Not sure. I am a little concerned about possible abuse of this feature though. 
If your anti-spam/-phishing filter runs a check against the From address, does 
it know how to interpret a From field "info(_at_)paypal(_dot_)com, 


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