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Re: MUA support for multiple from addresses

2012-02-28 04:51:01

On 2/27/12 7:35 PM, Peter Bowen wrote:
Mails are allowed to have multiple addresses in the from header as
long as they also have a sender header.  However, in basic testing, I
have yet to find a MUA that even displays multiple entries for from.

[Hmm, isn't this a question for the 822 mailing list?]

Thunderbird shows multiple addresses in the From header when the message is opened. In the mailbox view (overview of Inbox within column titled 'From') only one of them is shown. Reply and Reply-All have the same effect: all addresses in the From appear as To addresses.

For sending with multiple addresses in the From field, TB doesn't support that, unless you set multiple addresses in your e-mail address in your profile. If you do that (profile setting) it seems TB picks only _one_ of them and puts that in the From address, but _all_ addresses show up in Return-Path lines. I double-checked the headers of the received message using Apple Mail and also Apple Mail shows multiple envelope From addresses, one for each address in the (original) From. Assuming that the MUA/MSA is not adding Return-Path headers, it could be that TB uses multiple From addresses in the 5321.MailFrom.

ThunderBird version is 10.0.2.