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Re: MUA support for multiple from addresses

2012-02-28 05:41:45

Rolf E. Sonneveld <R(_dot_)E(_dot_)Sonneveld(_at_)sonnection(_dot_)nl> wrote:

For sending with multiple addresses in the From field, TB doesn't support
that, unless you set multiple addresses in your e-mail address in your
profile. If you do that (profile setting) it seems TB picks only _one_ of them
and puts that in the From address, but _all_ addresses show up in Return-Path
lines. I double-checked the headers of the received message using Apple Mail
and also Apple Mail shows multiple envelope From addresses, one for each
address in the (original) From. Assuming that the MUA/MSA is not adding
Return-Path headers, it could be that TB uses multiple From addresses in the

How come the message was not rejected as a syntax error?

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