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[ietf-smtp] Private Domain Names and the EHLO/HELO Command

2013-03-26 11:16:56

Once again I am faced with the question of what to do (as a "Dumb" SMTP client) when my outgoing interface has a private IP address and the name is locally administered. I checked RFC 5321 and can't get a *definitive* answer concerning whether or not a name like "Computer-Name.local" or "something.lan" is actually fully-qualified or not; certainly it is not *publicly* resolvable, but it is resolvable within the environment. My feeling is that it does not meet the definition of an FQDN. I cannot determine my name with only a private address, and my name is likely to be meaningless if I resolve it.

So, what should I do when sending the HELO/EHLO command again? Is it worthwhile providing a "What is my name?" callback (that can be overridden) to try and automagically detect whether or not our name is likely to be meaningful based on domain suffix or IP address, and if not, use address literal? Or, given how some sites hate address literals, would it be easier and simpler to just churn out a completely useless "FQDN"? (I can't really see any convincing privacy argument in favour of one over the other, either.)

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