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Re: [ietf-smtp] Private Domain Names and the EHLO/HELO Command

2013-03-26 20:18:31
Hi Sabahattin,
At 09:17 26-03-2013, Sabahattin Gucukoglu wrote:
Once again I am faced with the question of what to do (as a "Dumb" SMTP client) when my outgoing interface has a private IP address and the name is locally administered. I checked RFC 5321 and can't get a *definitive* answer concerning whether or not a name like "Computer-Name.local" or "something.lan" is actually fully-qualified or not; certainly it is not *publicly* resolvable, but it is resolvable within the environment. My feeling is that it does not meet the definition of an FQDN. I cannot determine my name with only a private address, and my name is likely to be meaningless if I resolve it.

"Sometimes a host is not known to the domain name system". "A special literal form of the address is allowed as an alternative to a domain name. For IPv4 addresses, this form uses four small decimal integers separated by dots and enclosed by brackets".

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