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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Shutup] Proposed Charter for the "SMTP Headers Unhealthy To User Privacy" WG (fwd)

2015-12-01 12:26:28

On 01/12/2015 17:58, Ted Lemon wrote:

The benefit is pretty obvious.   If my IP address and identity information 
appears in a Received: header field, then I can't send mail to a public mailing 
list without revealing to the world geolocation information that could be used 
for doxxing/swatting me, or for various other nefarious activities, and I can't 
send email to an individual unless I am willing to reveal that information to 
that individual.   And I can't send email through any server operated by anyone 
to whom I do not wish to reveal that information.

These may not feel like important issues to you, but for some people they are 
life-or-death issues, and there really is a tradeoff to be made between the 
freedom of people in that situation to speak, and the freedom of the operators 
of mail servers to surveil them, even when that surveillance has a good motive 
behind it.

Is email the right system to use in that scenario then? If your IP address can locate you to that level of detail to anyone who looks (which is NOT the case for the vast majority of people), then you're probably in the situation where you can, and should, work out something better.

If your IP address can't locate you that precisely, but only to your ISP (which IS the case for most people), so that someone has to contact your ISP to find out exactly where you are, then they can contact your ISP to find out from their obfuscated-IP (or email address) who you are anyway, so it won't help there.

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