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[ietf-smtp] New version of E-mail Authentication for Internationalized Mail draft

2018-01-22 14:59:24
Read all about it:

This is an updated version of a draft I wrote two years ago, that tries to nail
down the small changes to SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in EAI messages.  This version
adds a section for the Authentication-Results header.

What it mostly says is that wherever you can have a domain name in a mail
message header it can be a U-label, and wherever there's a mailbox, the local
part can be UTF-8, while stuff in the DNS doesn't change and domains there are
A-labels, same as always.  It's intended to be utterly unsurprising, but there's
enough ambiguity and well-intended bad advice in existing RFCs that I think this
is worth doing.

I'm working on an intro to implenting EAI document underwritten by ICANN so it
would be nice if this were far enough along that I could point to it in the
relevant sections rather than just Making Stuff Up.


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