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Re: [ietf-smtp] New version of E-mail Authentication for Internationalized Mail draft

2018-01-22 22:42:17
On Monday, January 22, 2018 07:44:13 PM John Levine wrote:
In article <FCA152FA-C67D-488E-AA7D-7234ED27EC19(_at_)kitterman(_dot_)com> 
you write:
SPF can use mailfrom local parts, so that needs to be addressed in addition
to what's in the draft.  I know it's not commonly used, but it is used and
is part of the standard.

Hmmn, I'm open to sugggestion but my inclination is to say that
anything with %s or %l macros fails with a non-ASCII local part.  That
bit of SPF has always seemed rather ill-defined to me since it's never
been obvious what it means if a local part contains quotes or
parentheses or something like foo\.bar.

I don't have any opinion on the correct solution (I know almost nothing about 
EAI and suspect it's good for my future sanity to try to preserve that state), 
but one way or another, I think it needs to be addressed.

One nice thing about your proposed approach is that it's backwards compatible.

Scott K

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