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[ietf-smtp] Rfc5782bis?

2019-01-13 02:45:52
Hi all,

rfc8482 says:

   In some cases, it is possible to guess what the initiator wants in
   the answer (but not always).  Some implementations have implemented
   the spirit of this document by returning all RRsets of RRTYPE CNAME,
   MX, A, and AAAA that are present at the owner name while suppressing
   others.  This heuristic seems to work well in practice; [...]

I think someone should remark that the best guess to intention for DNSxL is to
return A and TXT.  However obvious that may seem, some implementors still get
it wrong.  For example:

Since rfc5782 details A and TXT semantics and operations, perhaps a new edition
could also clarify this point.


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