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2019-09-24 21:07:19
Hello everyone,

I would like to present my work here. It’s a new but backward compatible
mail system. It addresses some of the issues we face in the current email
system. E.g. Email Spam, Phishing, Privacy, Data Breach, Bandwidth Wastage

I designed the system in a way to deal with spam mails without wasting
network bandwidth. So it’s much more efficient than the current mail system.

Here is my white paper <> I published in
Feb 2019. I have also published a summary
of my system in a medium blog post.


When someone is trying to present a solution for a challenging problem like
email spam, skepticism is quite normal especially when the person is
someone you are not acquainted with. So I’m not expecting any welcome party
here. However, please stop engaging in personal attacks. Few months back,
In one of the mailing list I went completely nuts because one man kept
targeting me and engaging in personal attacks.


Coming to my paper, It’s a 300 page paper. It contains 154 figures. Most of
the figures occupies the whole page. So 50% of the content is filled with

In my early years I couldn’t find any beginner friendly material. I had a
very hard time in understanding stuff like SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc. It was too
complicated for me at that time. So the content in my paper is prepared for
a beginner. Most parts are explained in a very simplified way. Since most
of the people in this mailing list can be termed as “experts”, you may find
my paper as “too detailed”. My apologies for that.

In hindsight, I have realised some parts in my paper are unnecessary and
lame. I’ll probably remove those parts and improve the content in the
future. You may have to excuse me for those silly parts for the time being.


Apple also seem like copied some parts of my work from my white paper and
released it as “Sign In With Apple
<>”. Apple is either
stealing my work by misinterpreting some parts in the prior art OR all my
efforts related to “Sign In With Apple” is already in the public domain. I
have explained what’s going on between me and Apple in two blog posts. First
blog post
explains the similarity between my work and “Sign In With Apple”. Second
blog part
explains why they are going for it. If you are from a company that has an
auth button like “Sign In With Apple”, then you might want to take a look.
You probably can integrate the “proxy” feature just like Apple if my work
is really in the public domain.

Thanks and Good luck.

Best Regards,

Viruthagiri Thirumavalavan
Dombox, Inc.
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