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Re: [ietf-smtp] SMTP server "RFC2821 Violation" for EHLO ip-literal.

2019-12-01 16:33:40
On 12/1/19 5:21 PM, Valdis Klētnieks wrote:

So basically it's just an implementation bug.
Unfortunately, it looks to me like a "brown M&M at a Van Halen concert"
sort of bug.

In the sense that if the implementation couldn't get that detail right, they probably botched up a lot more than that?


p.s. I do agree that it's important that SMTP implementations permit IP addresses in HELO/EHLO.    An SMTP server is free to reject content based on server policy, but not to complain about syntax errors that don't actually exist.    In other news, I keep wanting to write an I-D (and see if I can get it published) entitled "DNS Is Not, And Cannot Be, Ubiquitous".

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