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Re: [ietf-smtp] IETF Policy on dogfood consumption or avoidance - SMTP version

2019-12-20 08:07:21
On 2019-12-19 14:53:12 -0500, Keith Moore wrote:
    (Your example of losing business because of undelivered proposals
    likely falls into the Junk folder delivery category, not SMTP-time
    rejection, which you'd have addressed on receipt of the bounce).

I wouldn't have received the bounces in such cases.   The senders of those
messages would have received them, and likely concluded that my email address
no longer worked at all.

I assume that you have the technical abilities to run your own mail
server. So if you think commercial (or free) providers do a lousy job,
why don't you do it yourself? (I wanted to ask that in my previous
reply, but I wasn't sure whether you were the sender or receiver of
those lost mails) If the answer is that it isn't worth your time, then
I'm afraid you are getting the quality of service that you are willing
to pay for.


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