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Re: [ietf-smtp] DSNs

2020-04-25 16:46:45
On 4/25/2020 2:15 PM, Ned Freed wrote:
The danger of a pick-and-choose free-for-all is that a claim to support
a specification provides little useful information.

Dave, we're talking about having an operational policy of restricing the use of
exactly one feature which made sense when the standard was defined but has
issues today. This is hardly a pick-and-choose free-for-all.

Apparently I was too terse and also too loose with terminology. Being casual about the word 'support', given the nature of this thread, was particularly unfortunate.

First, I meant whether the feature worked, for whatever reason. If operational policy prohibits its use, then it doesn't work.

And my comment, quoted above, was meant to imply that the spec needs to change. There is widespread and intentional non-use of the feature, so it has become obsolete. It's presence in the specification now creates a misunderstanding about what is needed in the working Internet.


Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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