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Re: [ietf-smtp] CC'ing ticket systems

2020-07-07 08:34:22
Hi Michael,
At 03:55 AM 07-07-2020, Michael Richardson wrote:
Hi, have you had the experience of starting an email thread where one of the
participants is a ticket system?  As the initiator you get a ticket open,
and then each person who was in the To/CC, as they reply, get their own
ticket open.
(IANA, IETF-action, etc.)

Please see

Damn, that was not what you wanted.
What one wanted was to open a ticket and then collect the whole conversation
into it.

We have sometimes elegant and sometimes horrible hacks which try to leverage
how MUA work to collect the ticket information state into Subject lines, and
into bodies...

There are a bunch of things that I can imagine that might solve this,
ranging from the mundane to the revolutionary.
But, I wondered if others think it important to think about ticket systems
and other automated email processes.

Please see RFC 3834. I used it to avoid email loops, e.g. a service responder responding to another one.

S. Moonesamy
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