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Re: archives (was The other parts of the report....

2004-09-12 15:14:47

Melinda Shore wrote:

On Sunday, September 12, 2004, at 04:02 PM, Joe Touch wrote:

It's still unclear - the document contains required wording about its expiration, under the same document. The two statements are in conflict in that regard.

I have some problems with retroactively changing agreements, but
your concern here is lost on me.  Email, private correspondence, offline
discussions, and all sorts of things are referable.  You can't
stop people from referring to documents whether they're expired
or not, public or not, etc.


Even the IETF distinguishes between normative refs and non-normative (though it has a penchant for wanting to redefine those words too). Private correspondence is not citable as a normative ref, nor are (currently) IDs.

Put them up in a public archive and that assertion is no longer true. It becomes appropriate to use them as normative refs.


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