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Re: archives (was The other parts of the report....

2004-09-13 12:53:42
On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 03:03:02PM -0700, Joe Touch wrote:

Even the IETF distinguishes between normative refs and non-normative 
(though it has a penchant for wanting to redefine those words too). 
Private correspondence is not citable as a normative ref, nor are 
(currently) IDs.

Put them up in a public archive and that assertion is no longer true. It 
becomes appropriate to use them as normative refs.

Private correspondence does not be come citable as a normative
reference just because someone makes a web-archive of their e-mail
available.  Neither does making I-D's publically available past their
expiration point make it "legal" for them to be referrenced in RFC's. 

If you are referring to people outside of the standards process
referencing expired I-D's, there are people doing this today, and even
shipping product today, based on expired I-D's.  It seems unlikely to
me that making such an archive available in a public fashion
(especially given that they are available today already if you know
where to look in the .iso images of the IETF proceedings-on-cdrom)
will likely change the future frequency of such "illegal" references
to I-D's.

                                                - Ted

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