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Re: An oversight function - composition thereof?

2004-09-15 02:20:59
Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
In the report, Scenario C has clearly identified the need for a "board of directors" as oversight function for the administrative entity.

Margaret has also pointed out the need for such a function in scenarios A and B - and multiple people have made the point that this is NOT a job that the selection process for the IESG and IAB is well suited for.

I'd like to hear people's comments:

1) Do we agree that such a group of people is needed? (I think the answer is "yes" - but it's good to check)

Yes, for sure, in all scenarios. In C (and D) it would probably be
the same as (or a superset of) the formal Board.

2) What do we think this group should be responsible for, and have the power to do - either directly/formally or through "the board advises <person with the power>, and person will do so" agreements?

I think the functions should be limited to managerial and financial
oversight. Details don't belong in such a group.

 Set objectives for the Admin Director
 Approve budget and (major) contract proposals by the Admin Director
 Review results obtained by the Admin Director
 Make recommendations to the Admin Director's manager, if needed
 In scenarios C and D, execute the statutory functions of a Board

3) What's an appropriate selection mechanism for that group?

Firstly, I'd say that the IETF and IAB Chairs, and one other IESG
and IAB member, should be included automatically. I also think
that the ISOC President/CEO should be included automatically.

Secondly, I would add three other people with both IETF experience
and some degree of management and business experience. I'm worried
about loading the RFC 3777 NomCom with this since they already have
a big, and rather different, job. So I'd be inclined to give
this selection job to the IAB, but using a Nomcom-like procedure.

This gives a slightly larger committee (8 people) than Carl's
proposal. But I think we need solid IAB and IESG presence plus some
independent people.


As a reminder, here's the proposal for selection from appendix D of the report:

  *Section 4: Selection of the Board of Trustee*
  1.  *Selection of Position-Based Trustees.* The Chairs of the IETF
      and IAB shall be the two Position-Based Trustees.  These
      individuals are selected by IETF participants using the
      procedures set forth in [RFC3777] or its successor.
  2.  *Selection of Selected Trustees.* Three Selected Trustees shall
      be selected by the IETF nominations process (as defined in
      [RFC3777] or its successor) and confirmed by the IESG.  Two
      Selected Trustees shall be selected by the internet Society using
      means of their own choosing.
  3.  *Resignation.* A Selected Trustee may resign by delivering his
      resignation in writing to the Foundation at its principal office
      or to the Secretary of the Foundation.  Such resignation shall be
      effective upon its receipt or upon such date (if any) as is
      stated in such resignation, unless otherwise determined by the
  4.  *Removal.* A Selected Trustee selected by the IETF nominations
      process may be removed from office at any time using the
      procedures specified in [RFC3777] or its successor.  A Selected
      Trustee selected by the Internet Society my be removed by the
      Internet Society using means of their own choosing.
  5.  *Vacancies.* Any vacancy in the Board of Trustees shall be filled
      using the procedures set forth above on the composition of the
      Board of Trustees.  The Trustees shall have and may exercise all
      of their powers notwithstanding the existence of one or more
      vacancies in their number.

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