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IETF 62 (was: Re: first steps)

2004-09-15 02:25:27
We kind of went away from the first half of Harald/Scott's notes, which was

From: "scott bradner" <sob(_at_)harvard(_dot_)edu>

Harald asks
I feel some urgency to make sure that we have meeting arrangements in place for 2005 - without imperiling our ability to make the best long-term
choices for the IETF.

the logical path seems to be to ask Foretec to start making arrangements for next year's meetings - doing so in a way that could be transfered
to another meeting manager if things came to that would be ideal but
may be hard

Or, to ask the same question another way, how long can we wait to have SOMEone making arrangements for a meeting in March 2005?


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