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Re: IETF 62

2004-09-18 00:55:38

Dick St.Peters wrote:
Henrik Levkowetz writes:

I have no illusions about the fingerprints taken when I come to
IETF61 not finding their way into the US fingerprint data bases
which now, I believe, mostly hold fingerprints of criminals and
people who have been arrested and booked.  Bah.

Not that I want to defend the policy, but my fingerprints have been on
file since my first security clearance in 1964.  I've always viewed
this as a benefit ... I could prove who I am should that ever become
necessary.  Being that I'm not a criminal and never had any desire to
become one, having my prints on file has never had any downside.
> Dick St.Peters, stpeters(_at_)NetHeaven(_dot_)com
> Gatekeeper, NetHeaven, Saratoga Springs, NY

based on your signature, you're presumably a citizen of the country that has your fingerprints on file. This allows you - in theory - to participate in the changing of these rules by voting, should you not like them. Foreigners and visa holders that enter the US do not have this option.

I'd also like to add, as proposed by others in this thread, that looking at other places on the American continent to host future IETF meetings may be useful. Not only because of the rising complexities of entering the US - IETF in Cancun sounds good to me...

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